doughboy -- fail!
Well. So.

Turns out the list of goals was far more like a New Year's Resolution that never actually happens than I wanted it to be. As was my intention to return to actively posting, as is painfully obvious.


I'm in England. I learned how to cook a pot roast. I am travelling, and I have my driver's license. I read books. So, all in all, I'm not doing too badly.

I should be writing essays for classes, but I've just discovered awesome_women, and it currently has a themed post of  "Woman I'd Take Into a Fight". I can think of about twelve, personally. But writing the post means fulfilling the other objective of writing things that are NOT essays, so I might just do that too.

that little bit of je ne sais quoi
doughboy -- fail!
What on Earth have they done to the French classes, and why, exactly? 

Draft Timetable my sweet muscular buttocks - I just know that ANU is going to leave it that way, just to spite me. THERE ARE SEVENTEEN DIFFERENT CLASSES WITH NO DISCERNIBLE PATTERN. Why, I ask you?

Anthropology, as always, will be my saviour.

belle of the books
Well, we'll call it a mission statement, shall we? In much the vein of Bridget Jones' Diary and less the vein of horrible New Year's Resolutions that never, ever last.

Here is a list of all the things I would like to accomplish in the next year. I'm sure that certain things will be added, subtracted and modified. I might occasionally get to cross one or two off.

But, whether I do or not, my intention is to:

Find any and all of the friends that still use eljay. Friend these friends.
Learn how to drive. At the very least, finally graduate from my Ls.
Save wisely.
Take violin lessons again. Actually practice said violin.
Go to the gym. For the yoga.
Be accepted for UK exchange.
Travel. Hopefully after said exchange.
Learn to be a better girlfriend.
Cook a pot roast - even if I won't eat the meat.
Read all the books in my bookcase before I buy more. Should aid in Aim No. 3. Possibly also Aim No. 10.
Write for pleasure, and not just essays.

I intend to do all this, and probably more, and will kick my average up to a Distinction. It will happen.

Because the power of positive thought has always helped me before.


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